“super robot” Metal Furniture Exhibition

1995年に金属を扱うスタジオをPUG WORKSという名前ではじめ、1999年に名称をsuper robotに改め現在まで活動をつづけています。


2月9日レセプションパーティー 18:30~21:00 

“super robot” Metal Furniture Exhibition

In 1995, under the name, PUG WORKS, the metal studio debuted.
In 1999, changed its name to super robot, the studio continue its activity until today.

Long since year 2003 of 15 years, this long awaited exhibition will be held.
A series flowing with time, from their very early works to the latest feat, each pieces will be presented in this exhibition.
To make a Furniture, think of a Furniture ; they carry forward their works grasping on the notion of the word “ Furniture” through the making.

You are welcomed to witness with us – the 23 years of super robot.

Period: 2018/2/7(Wed.)-2/18(Sun.)
Reception Party: 2/9 Fri. 18:30 ~21:30