【The Furniture of Ishinomaki Laboratory 2011-2017】

Ishinomaki Laboratory was first established as a community workshop for the residents of Ishinomaki, Miyagi to rebuild their livelihoods after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. With the support of designers and architects from Japan and abroad, in addition to established furniture brands, Ishinomaki Laboratory has now grown to become the world’s first “DIY maker” – driven by the belief that DIY and design have the power to empower individuals and communities. Embodying the spirit of self-reliance, the locally-run furniture label continues to spread their simply designed furniture to the world, which is based on the philosophy of using only dimensional lumber and basic tools.

This exhibition will show chronologically over 60 pieces of products created by Ishinomaki Laboratory since 2011, accompanied with texts based on interviews conducted with the people behind the brand. Throughout its six-year journey as a project for regional and community revitalization, we are constantly encouraged to consider the question “what is design?” as well as realize the importance of DIY (do-it-yourself) in living through tumultuous times.

*This exhibition is an adaptation of the “Do It Yourself – Furniture from Ishinomaki Laboratory 2011-2017” exhibition first held at the Manabia Terrace in Higashine, Yamagata.

With assistance from Manabia Terrace, KEIJI ASHIZAWA DESIGN, Takenori Miyamamo, NHK planet, Art egg inc., Aya Nakajima, Suginoshita Design, Takaiyama Design, MIRU DESIGN

□Exhibition Date and Time
Friday, June 16th – Sunday, July 16th
Open from 11:00 to 19:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)

Thursday, June 15th Opening Party (starting from 19:00)



Carry Stool Workshop Participation Fee: ¥2000
Saturday, June 24th 11:00 – / 13:00 –
Saturday, July 8th 11:00 – / 13:00 –

For those interested, please send an e-mail to “info@designkoishikawa.com” with “Carry Stool Workshop” in the subject title, as well as your name, desired workshop time, number of participants, and contact information in your message.

photo : Yosuke Owase, Fuminari Yoshitsugu

【石巻工房の家具 2011-2017】

この展覧会は、2011年から現在まで石巻工房がつくってきた60点以上の家具を、工房スタッフの証言とともに時系列で展示いたします。地域再生プロジェクトとしての6年間の軌跡は、「デザインとは何か?」という再考を私たちに促すとともに、混迷する社会を生き抜くキーワードとしてのDIY(Do It Yourself/必要なものは自分でつくる)を浮かび上がらせます。
※本展覧会は、東根市まなびあテラスで行われた展覧会「”Do It Yourself” 石巻工房の家具2011-2017」を再構成した企画展です。
協力:芦沢啓治建築設計事務所、まなびあテラス、宮本武典、NHKプラネット、株式会社アートエッグ、中島彩、杉の下意匠室、高い山デザイン、MIRU DESIGN

6/16(金)-7/16(日) 11:00-19:00 (水曜休)

6/15(木) オープニングパーティー 19:00~

7/14(金) 19:30-
-トラフアーキテクツ 鈴野浩一



CARRY STOOLワークショップ(参加費2000円)
6/24 11:00~ / 13:00~
7/8  11:00~ / 13:00~
タイトル:CARRY STOOLワークショップ参加希望