都心では珍しい広大なフロアには、ギャラリーのほか、家具や生活にまつわるアイテムをセレクトした「TAIYOU no SHITA」を併設。マーケットプレイス内には、着生蘭を専門に取り扱う植物店「B.U.D」、厳選された食材を取り扱う「PLAIN COMPANY」も出店します。



Functioning as a gateway for combining design and community, DESIGN KOISHIKAWA was established as a creative and community space for the Koishikawa area. Located in Tokyo’s Bunkyo district, Koishikawa is famous for its connections with literary figures. Surrounded by the Tokyo Dome, skyscrapers, and traditional shopping arcades, quiet residential streets and small printing factories intersect – making Koishikawa a place where visitors will not tire of. However, due to redevelopment and the changing structure of industry, this neighbourhood is in the midst of a grand transformation.

Connecting community and design in the Koishikawa area, DESIGN KOISHIKAWA, which houses a gallery and a marketplace, was created with the goal of furthering the neighbourhood’s potential. Apart from the gallery, the extensive floor space is also home to “TAIYOU no SHITA”, a select store focusing on furniture and lifestyle goods. Inside the marketplace, there are two other stores -- “B.U.D”, a flower shop that specializes in ephiphytic orchids, and “Plain Company”, a purveyor of high-quality and carefully selected foods.

DESIGN KOISHIKAWA is planning to host a variety of design-related events, as well as a weekend market run by local shop-owners. With the independent design initiatives unfolding from this space, we hope that this institution will become “the new face of Tokyo” for people not only in Japan, but also around the world.